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Lamar Viper Snowboard
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Lamar Viper Snowboard

Lamar Viper Snowboard 2013
 The Anti-Cam® camber profile gives the Viper that skate style pop so you can snap up and over anything in your path. And the insides of this board feature the true unaltered genetics of any good deck with a poplar core and bi-axial glass. All this and an extruded base for that slithery glide.

Camber – Anti Cam® (Flat w/ Late Rise)
Construction – Cap
Base Material – UHMW – Ultra High Molecular Weight – Extruded
Base Finish – Microfinish
Edges Finish – 1° Base Bevel & 2° Side Bevel
Bottom Glass – Bi-Axial
Top Glass – Bi-Axial
Top Finish – Up Coating
Printing Process – Screen
Base Graphic – Screen
Type of Woodcore – Poplar
Edge Material – Rockwell 48 Carbon Steel
Available in Wide Sizes
A zero camber construction with 6mm of rocker starting at 120mm from the contact points for a relaxed, forgiving, skate-inspired ride.
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Price: AUD 199.00

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